About the concerts

In 2011, I built a treehouse for my children at my home in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. While I was working on it, I could not help but think about the fact that many children in the world do not have a house to live in, let alone a treehouse to play in. This prompted me to organize a series of intimate solo percussion concerts— performances for audiences of four or less—in the treehouse as a means of raising funds for various children's charities. Rather than charging admission, I will ask audience members to make a donation to a children's charity of their choice, which will enable them to receive a tax receipt from that charity. Since 2012, the treehouse concerts have raised over $3000 for charities including CHEO, Chalice, Plan Canada, Candlelighters, Oxfam, Christie Lake Kids, the David Suzuki Foundation, Roger’s House, and more. Please click the "Links" tab for a list of suggested children's charities or feel free to donate to an alternative charity of your choice.

Anyone interested in a treehouse concert should email me at info@jessestewart.ca. Please indicate the number of people to a maximum of three (or four if some are children) that will attend the concert, as well as the charity that you wish to donate to, and the amount that you will donate. I will be in touch over email to coordinate a mutually convenient time and discuss other details about the performance. Each concert will provide a unique listening experience, featuring improvised music on a variety of percussion instruments.

Please note:

1) To access the treehouse, audience members must climb a steep set of stairs to a small platform and then climb up a vertical ladder that leads to a hatch in the floor of the structure. The hatch may not accommodate visitors of some body types. Having said that, I am not a small man (6'3"; 240 lbs) and I fit just fine.

2) Seeing as the treehouse is in a residential neighbourhood, it is quite likely that the concert will be accompanied by extraneous sounds of the suburban soundscape (lawnmowers, airplanes, leaf blowers, dogs barking, etc). Rather than hear these sounds as intrusions and/or distractions, I invite audience members to listen in a global way, including all of the sounds in their listening experience.